It looks like Facebook is going the way of Twitter and Instagram. Soon users will be able to unfollow friends whose comments and updates they’d like to remove from their News Feed, according to a Facebook spokesperson. Yes,

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"Elizabeth Warren just unfollowed Hillary, and Michelle Obama deleted all her. First Hannity brought up the Gateway Pundit blog post — which was predicated on a hoax — and asked if it was true: "It says that Michelle Obama had.

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I’ll offer a personal example. In the past year, I have hidden four family members with the “unfollow” function, which is Facebook’s equivalent of Unfriending Lite. My breaking point had no political bias. Two of my hidden relatives are.

t want to "unfriend" them, this is what you do. Go to their page. Click on "following" box opposite profile picture. Go down and click on "unfollow". You will no longer see their posts. Very simple. You have control over what you see and don’t.

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Facebook Inc. ( FB) has now decided to offer better controlling techniques to users by letting them opt for friends, groups and pages that they wish to see in an attempt to address the long-pending concern regarding unwanted posts.

This latest change comes on the heels of another new feature, Snooze, announced last week that will let Facebook users temporarily unfollow people. Henry.

Mashable reader Ozan Yılmaz. Update #2: Twitter says that "follow/unfollow is temporarily offline while we fix a bug." Update #3: Twitter has provided the following update to its status blog: "We identified and resolved a bug that.

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The blog post also pointed to experiments that show the effects. Snooze allows users to hide content from a person, page, or group for 30 days without having to.

So what can you do? If you find that you’ve arbitrarily unfollowed someone in Twitter (or maybe you need an excuse to escape the ex), and you’re in a potential embarrassing situation, I recommend bookmarking this blog post, and.

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Facebook has begun to roll out the new Snooze feature, allowing users to.

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Also, you want to make sure you aren’t being repetitive and tweeting links to your same blog posts (or whatever you’re using Twitter as a marketing tool for). Most Twitter users will find you bothersome and unfollow you before you even.

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“Instagram can be super inspiring, and it can be harmful as well,” says Alexis Joseph, a dietitian in Columbus, Ohio, who founded the blog Hummusapien and has. looking at doesn’t make you feel good, unfollow that,” Fox says.

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